Hello Blog World!

Hello all! I am Christa, and I am a green girl. Over the last few years I have been trying to live more eco-friendly. Having a “greener” lifestyle has changed my life, my kids life, and even my wallet. Doing anything from using my reuseable grocery bags to DIY projects to raising some chickens in the ‘burbs. I love finding creative ideas in upcycling and repurposing items and I want to share them with you all in hopes of insipring you to take on some of these projects.

Like I said, I live in the ‘burbs……of Tacoma WA. I currently have five chickens (we’ll meet them later)chill’n in my backyard. Along with the “girls”, I have a garden as well, which I am currently working on trying to use year round with growing veggies in the fall and winter. This year though, I will settle on spring and summer goods. The list below is the included veggies and fruits I plan to grow this year. There might be some revisions as I progress through out the year with my garden….

Fruits and Veggies





-Tomatoes ( Roma and Grape)


-Onions (Walla Walla)













-lemon balm






I would like to post recipes I have tried in the past with things I have grown in the garden, and I would love recipe ideas to try this year. Always looking for the new and exciting. Until next time…


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