Meet the Girls

Ok, so I mentioned that I have chickens and would like to introduce them….

                                                                                                        Florence our large Australorp

                                                                                                             Hazel is our Ameraucana

Agnes our Wyandotte

                                                                                                          Diana the small Australorp

  And last but not least, Henerietta the Barred Rock

They all lay varying shades of brown eggs, except for Hazel, she is our blue egg layer

And then there is our dog….. he keeps the chickens in line and visa versa.

                                                                                                                          Meet Indiana.

We have had our chickens for about 3 years now and are ALWAYS learning new things. For example….. dogs and chickens CAN co-exist. I would just love to see what goes through Indiana’s mind….given that he is a bird dog that my husband takes hunting every fall. He must be throughly confused, but he has learned that they are NOT to be hunted and are not chew toys. They all get along great now.


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