OK, so I like finding creative and fun projects that reuse materials either around the house or easily accessible around the neighborhood. I found this interesting project online and ( well….my husband found it and put all the hard work into to it) thought it was pretty cool as an accent wall. I am drawn to that rustic feel. With that being said, it spurred my interest into what else you can do with pallets….

I have a feeling a few of my next posts will have something to do with pallets….

this is the original picture that was posted.

….and this is how it turned out for me…

OK, so this in our garage…before we had just the frame and insulation. I  don’t think it turned out super “stylish”, like in the photo above, but I still think it pretty cool and was cheaper than buying drywall, considering it was free. 🙂 My husband liked it so much and was so proud of himself he decided to do more walls…..

This is still in the garage, but over by our washer and dryer.I think the red pulley hooks add a nice touch. Note to reader: if this is something you would consider trying and you go looking for pallets. I recommend finding ones that are heat treated and not chemical treated.


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