Making BEER

The hubby and I have taken the dive into homebrewing….. I was a little nervous….

All I could think about when my husband said he wanted to homebrew, was going to Bed Bath and Beyond and buying a twenty dollar kit , bring it home and make one batch of super light, flavor lacking concoction.

So we got online and started looking at beer brewing kits and recipes, and it just so happens there is a beer supply store close to home called “Beer Essentials”. They also have a big book of recipes, which they will photocopy for you and get you set up with ingredients.

Kit ordered: CHECK

recipe and ingredients: CHECK

Time to brew.

{boiling brew and adding hops}

Let me tell you, this part smells REALLY good!

Drinking beer while making beer, ironic?

After that we had to wait and agonizing two weeks before bottling. Finally, that day came…..

After all the fun of bottling, capping, and labeling…..we get to wait ANOTHER two weeks before we get to try our beer…..

Those two weeks finally got here and we got to taste the fruits of our labors, and they were DELICIOUS! This homebrew thing might just work out. Cheers to our first brew “Belcher’s Brew 31” and heres to looking forward to our next one, which will be a heather ale…


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