Project: Pallet Planter

I see these great ideas for upcycling pallets and I think ” Man, I want to try building something like that!”. I found this idea to use a pallet as planter, and I wish I had know about this idea when I lived the high life- in an apartment. Now here I am, a happy home owner with a small backyard….

I realized that the idea to grow plants in a pallet could be used in many different ways….so, I decided to make it into a screen to use on my back patio

Here’s how I did it:

First, I found my pallet of choice….

Next, I got out all my materials- scissors, measuring tape, staple gun(not pictured) and black landscaping fabric ( the kind you use to keep the weeds down)

I measured out the length and width (depth of the two sides and bottom) to know how big to cut the fabric. Now, after I measured, I added some extra all the way around, just to make sure it would fit. Then I went around and stapled all my fabric into pallet, to create little boxes. I grabbed my scrissors once more and cut off all the extra material. NOTE: You could also fold down the extra stuff and staple that down too.

Follow that with some dirt and seeds/starts of your choice, and you have got yourself a pallet planter.


Like I said earlier, I took it one step farther and turned it into a screen. I purchased two treated 8 foot 2×4’s, a bag of gravel and two cinder blocks. Two holes were dug and the cinder blocks placed inside. The 2×4’s were attached to each side of the pallet and lowered into the cinder blocks. You might need an extra helper for this next part.

While someone holds the pallet and posts upright, you can pour in the gravel in and around the area of the blocks and posts. Then fill the rest in with dirt.

And there you have it! A pretty pallet planter screen. 🙂 Say that five times fast…

This is how mine turned out- a little sparse looking in the start, but its been about a month or so, and my plants have really “bloomed”. I plan on doing two more around my patio, and am, trying to decide what to plant in them next, after these plants are done and die back.

I will post pictures tomorrow of what the plants actually look like now….tomorrow. So stay tuned.


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