DIY: Rope Vase

So tonight I decided to do and art project. I was feeling crafty and I have been wanting to try this for a while. I first saw these really cool rope vases in a catalog from Pottery Barn, and I thought, ” I could make those, and for ALOT LESS…”

Tonight, I finally got to test my skills, and honestly…. I dont think it turned out too bad. I just might make some more… 🙂 This is also a great chance to reuse/ upcycle (what ever you want to call it).

To start off , I saved an old used olive oil bottle that I washed clean. I find that the olive oil bottles have more unique shapes and therefore, more fun to use, but really, you could pretty much use anything.

ok, get those supplies together……

-your chosen bottle

-some rope ( I confiscated some from my husband, off his work bench)

-hot glue gun

-and of course, glue sticks

Quite simply, you are going warm up that glue gun of yours and put a line of glue at the base of the bottle. Before the glue dries and hardens, lay down the beginning of the rope. Hold the piece of rope on the glue for a few seconds to let it set, and continue working your way around the jar or bottle.  Glue, rope, hold….Glue, rope, hold……

Keep working your way up the bottle….glue, rope, hold……glue, rope, hold…..

….until, alakazam! your done.

I didn’t go right up to the lip of the bottle, but that’s just me. Do what you feel…. speaking of which, I am thinking of making a few more and then spray painting the rope. Maybe, give it a worn vintage colored rope look. What do you think? I’ll be sure post pictures to see how those turn out. Until next time….. 🙂


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