Northwest Tequila

Don’t know if any one else is having this problem this year in their garden, but the slugs are finding my basil, cucumber, and sunflower starts oh-so-delicious. After searching around on the web to solve my little problem, it seemed like alot of the non-chemical solutions didn’t really work to great. Some people mentioned using copper wire, but then others notedthat  they still crawl across. Then, it was mentioned to use salt around plants – only problem there is it rains here alot, so I would be out there every other day putting down more salt. Some people talked about the square foot gardening method, where you plant, say, your potatoes in a few different spots, then the slugs would only get one plant vervus all your potatoe plants.

Well, that doesnt really doesn’t help me out this year with the plants already in the ground. Finally, I came across an idea that suggests using a small cup buried in the ground up to the lip. You then pour a little beer in the cup and the slugs are supposed to be drawn to it, like a moth to a light. Turns out…..they are!

I did as directed, and the next day I went outside and found ten slugs in the cup next to my basil, and five in the cup next to the sunflowers. BY JOE, IT WORKED! Now I know what youre thinking, ” why are you wasting perfectly good beer on slugs?”

Well , I will tell you, since my husband has gotten into the homebrewing “thing” there is always a little bit left that we can’t bottle, so he puts it in jar for me. Now, that first morning when I went out  to check my traps, the husband came with me to see if this crazy plan had actually worked. When he looked down and saw all the slugs I had collected, he made this comment, ” Hey, you know how sometimes mexican tequila has a worm at the bottom…..well, we have beer….with a slug(or two) at the bottom, its kinda like northwest tequila.”

There you have it. 🙂

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