More Strawberries? Oh My!

June came and went, and I was able to harvest a fair amount of strawberries from my plants ( which to my knowledge are june bearing). After getting all my fruit, the runners came next, so I got out the trusty pair of clippers and started clipping back foliage and leaving the runners. I did this mostly to clean up my patch, and as I learned last year from a friend, that every few years or, so you need to pull up old parent plants and start new ones from the runners to keep production up.

Well, after cutting everything back, a few weeks later I noticed new growth on the main plants. New leaves, to be exact. Ok, I can handle new leaves….. but then, last week, BAM! new little flowers, and then soon after that…new berries! Does that mean I get a second harvest????

I am not going to lie, kinda of excited about this. 🙂 I still have some berries in the freezer from the first crop, but not really enough to make jam, and I really want some more jam.

I did make and can some strawberry rhubarb spread with the first batch of strawberries

But since then, I have checked out a few canning books from my local library and found recipes for strawberry lemonade concentrate or strawberry margarita spread…..yummmmm!  to be continued…..


Side note: before I forget, I believe my plants I have are called allstar strawberries. 🙂


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