My City Parks: Blueberry Park

I have to admit, I am kinda rediscovering what my “little” city has to offer.

In the past weeks, I found out about two great parks that I never knew we had and are little gems to the community….I think. 🙂 The first park is really close to my house, which makes it nice, and is maintained by volunteers, this is Blueberry Park. The park was once a 53 acre farm reduced to 20 acres. The city at one point, wanted to bulldoze it down, but the community stepped in and said they would take care of it. That was back in 1999.

Today there is a beautiful 20 acres of blueberry bushes you can visit, oh, and bring your bucket, because its free to pick.

After a day of berry picking, this is what we came home with:











Which I turned into some yummy blueberry sauce for this winter.











Below is a link to the park, should you want information and visit. 🙂


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