Semi-Homemade Curtains

Alright, I am the queen of “el cheapo”….. I mean…. thrifty, I am thrifty. When we first moved into our new house, we needed curtains. Did you know curtains are not cheap? holy cow! Plus, I really couldnt find a style I like for the rooms I was doing, so I got creative.

Our guest room/office

there is a closet ( in front of the folding chair) that we turned into our “office” by taking off the doors and put in a table and shelving.

ok…we are in business. I picked up some cheap curtains from IKEA. I believe they were 19.99 or so for a pair and I have two pairs in this room. The ones on the windows and another set hanging in front of the closet/office. When I purchased and brought them home they were just the plain yellow. I ended up adding the bottom brown part, becasue they shrunk up a little too much when I washed them. Note to shelf: wash curtains, THEN hem them up. Oh yeah, please disreguard the spongebob blanket, it does not go with the overall room, yes, I know. 🙂

Next, when it came to my son’s room, I knew I wanted an outdoorsy/woodsy theme but had a problem finding, once again, the curtains I wanted. Thats when I made a quick trip to the next best thing from IKEA….Target! I picked up plain brown panels and headed home to dig through my arts and crafts paint. I wanted a plaid pattern that was big and bold. This is what I came up with…










1. I laid out my curtain panels on a nice flat surface.

2. Taped out stripes going vertically with painters tape.

3. I got a cheap 1 1/2″ to 2″ paint brush and painted on my first set of stripes. I don’t try and paint a solid stripe. I am going for a rugged look. 🙂

4. Once the first set of stripes are dry, take the tape off and retape going horizontal, and repeat step 3 until you get the plaid pattern you are going for. 😉


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