PALLET PROJECT: Pallets with Strawberries

Ok, so it’s been awhile since I visited my board, but summer was REALLY nice this year, and let’s face it….if you  live in western washington, you get out WHENEVER the sun comes out.

My strawberries did really well this year and I LOVE strawberries and so do my kiddos. I had a bunch over runners off them and was trying to find a place to expand my strawberry patch for next summer.

Then I got the brilliant thought – “hey I made a vertical planter/screen from a pallet for my flowers, why not strawberries!”

Just think of it……cascading strawberries, spilling over come next spring. Makes my mouth water. So, got to work getting a hold of some more pallets. Thanks to my mom, I got  my hands on some pretty nice ones from a school district warehouse. YAY! Pretty built them the same way as the first to see how I did the first). The only thing that was changed was the pallets for the strawberry plants were painted black, and instead of using landscaping fabric to make the little planter boxes, I used wood to box in the bottom of the planters.

These strawberry planters will also serve as double duty too. I left on all the boards on the other side to make it more of a screen.

( the other side)^

Hears, to next years strawberry bounty!


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