Halloween Decor : Spooky Spiders

If you’re on a budget or just looking for a more eco way(cause they are reuseable) to decorate for Halloween, spiders are your best friend!

I use my little spiders every year, and they NEVER let me down. 🙂 I am mostly cheap – I mean, frugal, and thought this was a great way to help my house and at one time, my apartment, get in the festive mood.

Ok, go out and get yourself a big ole bag of plastic spiders, or you can get the spider rings, and just cut off the ring part. Make sure you all so pick up some mounting putty, or ticky-tac, as I have always know it to been called.

Pull off a little ball of putty and apply to the undercarriage of your spider, then smash the little guy wherever you so chose all over your walls. it’s as easy as that!

But why stop with just your walls? I like to put them EVERYWHERE. mirrors, lampshades, pictures, cabinets, by switchlights……the list goes on and on.  my only rule of thumb is one, cluster them together so they standout better ( plus, I think they get lonely by themselves), and two, put on a background that will contrast with them ( color wise), so once again they will be easier to see.











Oh yeah, sometimes I get some cotton string and let them dangle. 🙂


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