Halloween Decor: TOMBSTONES

If you are into decorating your front yard, like I am, tombstones are a MUST! I am not a big fan of paying 15-20 dollars per stone at a box store, and getting a small thin piece of styrofoam, so I made my own.

First stop is the hardware store…..come to think of it, that’s the only stop. Go to the back were the insulation is and find some BIG sheets/boards of 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch styrofoam. I want to say, they run around 20 bones per sheet, and you will get three to four tombstones per sheet ( just depends on the size of you tombstones) Oh! and if you want to add a little dimension to your headstone grab a styrofoam sheet at about 1/2 inch.

Grab a small box knife, bamboo sticks(12 inches), some black or gray spray paint, spray adhesive, oh, and while you’re at it, some of that stone effect spray paint too!

Now , that I think of it, you might need to make one more stop at the craft store and grab up some spanish moss, black, gray, dark green, etc… craft paint and brushes( if you don’t already have any)

Ok, back at home I found myself some cardboard and drew out my templates and cut them out. Used these cardboard templates to trace onto the styrofoam the shapes of my headstones. Next, I took the box knife and cut out the styrofoam. Then, I did a wash of the black and gray, or green craft paint over the stones. By “wash”, I mean, I watered down the paint to just tint the foam.


Grab a hold of your trusty can of spray paints and add another layer of texture to your stone. Now, dont spray it straight black, or stone, or whatever, just add it here and there to give it the “look” of weather worn stone.

At this point, you can either make the choice of making it a flat stone  or  dimensional. If you go for the later, use the 1/2 inch foam and cut out letters and shapes, color and paint and spray adhesive and add to headstone. If you are doing a flat stone just use black craft paint and add your details to your headstone. Lastly, add some spanish moss to make them look like they have been there awhile.


Lastly, pick out the “plots” in your front yard and use the bamboo sticks to stake them into the ground.


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