NEW and improved chicken coop

Today was the day! The hubby finished the new chicken coop and not a moment too soon. With in minutes of being done, the rain came down. The girls moved in, and are happy and dry in their new digs.

This is the old coop that was in the garden, that we moved out of the garden, into the yard, to build the new coop.

The start of the rebuild. The pallets came from a warehouse my mom works at.

ok, so this pic is mostly of the garden, but you can see we painted the pallets in the background a pretty green. 🙂

Here it is almost finished. All that’s left is to move the chicken house back over.

You can see a dismantled chicken run in the background with a missing house…..

…that’s because the house has been moved over to the new run, with the hubby putting finishing touches on the chicken wire.

With the new run and new roof, I am hoping the chickens will stay drier this winter and happier. They had a few roosting bars in their coop/house, but we added more bars for them to hang out on at the far end of the run ( by the green pallet) This run is also longer, so they have more room to spread out and we made it so that the feed and water are now hanging, which will hopefully mean we are cleaning out the water less (YAY!)

ps. if you didn’t notice the plants in the garden and the change in each picture…..this project took a few months to finish! what can I say….we are procrastinators. 🙂


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    • Thank you. we have had chickens for about 3-4 years now, and this is the first time we have hung their food and water. Before, i was cleaning out their water everyday or two. Now that we are able to hang the water in the new run, its like the wheel was invented! 😀

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