My Little Vintage Travel Trailer

Not sure if the husband and I are crazy, or just in love ( for wanting to restore our first vintage trailer). For a while now, I have really wanted a vintage camper to call my own. Our two boys are a little bigger now and we want to travel as a family. I remember the traveling I did as a kid, and the memories that it created for me. I hope to give my kids those experiences that they can look back on when they are older.

Over the last few months the husband and I have been toying with getting a camper and causally searching Craigslist every now and then. We came across this little beauty one day and thought this little ” guy” was the one.( I say, little “guy” because, we have already named him, and call him Floyd, after Tony’s (husband) dad, who was born the same year the trailer was made) Without even thinking, we decided to jump in with both feet and just do it.

camper project11

My hope, is to document our journey in taking this little trailer and making it our own. So, here goes nothing…… πŸ™‚

Here is a quick little tour of the trailer before my husband got his hands on it….

camper project3

camper project12

here is what it is looking like right now ( Mr. Handy Husband didn’t waste anytime tearing into it)

camper project8

camper project9

We pulled off all the cabinet doors and hardware. I got to work getting with paint and a wire brush. Noticing that the hinges and latches looked to be original, and were copper, Mr Handy Husband scrubbed them up so they shined like new ( well almost).

camper project4

I then decided to repaint the doors and add new drawer pulls. The color I used on the drawers is Beher Glazed Pecan ( just in case your interested…) Now, don’t hold me to it, but the color MAY change once we start putting things back together. But, for now…they are glazed pecan.

camper project10

On to the next project…. I decided to make new curtains. I drew inspiration from a picture I found, and gosh dang it, I think they didn’t turn out too bad.

camper project2


Before I close out this first post, I just wanted to share, kinda, the direction we are planning on going with the decor of Floyd. Just to get you all some idea… I wouldn’t leave you completely in the dark. πŸ™‚

camper inspiration

camper inspiration2

camper inspiration3

camper inpiration4

camper inspiration5

camper inspiration 7

camper inspiration6

Tips and Tricks are always welcome , as this is our first trailer. Until next time…;)


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