My Little Vintage Trailer

camper project11
The Handy Husband is back to work, but itching for the weekend, so we can get more work done on the trailer. I have been stuck inside the last few days, as the pacific northwest weather has turned on me. 😦 gotta love that liquid sunshine. Been keeping busy though, working on covering the cushions to the bench seats. Cause, let me tell you, they NEED IT.

Not sure how the fabric I chose to recover with will wear….again, this is a learning process, but I decided to do the seat in a grey flannel and the back rest in a grey fleece. I was at Wally World (aka Wal-Mart) the other day and found some remnant vinyl to use on the back of the cushions, and it was navy blue, so I thought, “well, hey. close enough.”


camper project13

camper project 17

camper project 14<

Oh! and when we were cleaning out the trailer the other day, we found some treasures that I thought were pretty awesome, and will mostly likely be going back into the trailer when its all done.

camper project 16

camper project 15

Like, I said, the handy husband is really itching to get back in there and get some more frame work done, so we can move on to the more fun stuff, such as , painting, hanging, decor…. But when he is out there working, he is not alone. Our two boys have already staked a claim to that little trailer. I think they think its their own new little play house. They sit out there and listen to the radio with dad, or get their pillows and blankets, pile up on the back couch with popcorn and books. They can’t wait to go camping!

camper project5

Last night, I went cruising around the net to get some more ideas and inspiration for our little Floyd, and I found some fabric and things that I think I really like. Let me know what you think. 🙂



All three from

Towels from

pillow from httpwww-notonthehighstreet-comrusticcountrycraftsproductmoose-cushion1.jpg


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  1. Love the blog! I can’t believe you have kellogs cereal bowls…how awesome since Tony is from the cereal city…Battle Creek!

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