Our Little Vintage Trailer

camper project11

We were busy bees this weekend.
Here is what the Handy Husband got done on his days off.

1_IMG951245    1_IMG953257
We had to replace some rotten wood in the far left front corner of the trailer.
Then he put in new support beams across the front end of the trailer ands sealed some spots with expanding foam.
Next, came the insulation. Pretty the sure the insulation we found was orignal. It was thin and in bad shape, so he replaced with some thicker stuff. Keep us warm and cozy. 🙂
Then up went the new “wall”. Can’t wait to get my paintbrush on that!
After deciding he was at a stand still for the moment he decided to rip into the back of the trailer, where our couch is… ok, WAS.


Here is what I got done.
First, I got to work on an “art” project. I was inspired by a paper mache antler from west elm. The jury is still out on it. I am not done with it, but we’ll see how it turns out….. Could be brilliant, or just plan crazy.
2013-02-22 19.30.45-2
Made a wire form of my antlers and punched them through my cardboard “mount”. I hot glued the wire in the back and at all the joints were I attached the spikes. It looks real pretty, I know. 🙂
2013-02-22 20.29.14
After it all the glue was dry and had hardened up, I got out a stack of newspaper and cut them into strips. For the adhesive, I just used a mixture of elmers glue and water. About half and half. Set up my little work station on the kitchen table and got to work wrapping the glue and paper around the form.
I also had a hair dryer set up on a stand, so that as I did a few layers, I would let it sit and dry, and then do a few more layers…
2013-02-22 21.29.06
For the most part I am done with layering on the paper and its pretty dry, but still looks a little rough… I don’t know? So, I thought, ” maybe if I added tissue paper it wouldl help smooth things out.”
So, I did. All I had, was purple….
2013-02-24 13.03.21     2013-02-24 13.42.31

The Inspiration:

camper inspiration 7

Like I said, I am still not done with it, and I don’t think it looks half bad. Word to the wise though….If you are planning on painting it white, don’t use purple tissue paper. It keeps bleeding though. 😦 But , I will be sure to let you see the finished product when it’s all done.

Next up, I worked on the drawers a little more. The wood was pretty dry, so I rubbed them down with some Howard Feed-N-Wax. It cleans, conditions and preserves. Plus, it makes them smell really good. Like oranges! 😉
2013-02-23 15.01.01
It was decided that the inside of the drawers were old, dirty, and kinda gross, so, I painted them. We had some dark green semi gloss used to paint the chicken coop, and I thought I might as well use that up. I think the green looks alright, how about you?
2013-02-24 11.09.12

Then I made a trip to the fabric store…

2013-02-23 16.22.36

Bought some classic red gingham for the table-cloth.(and more vinyl to hopefully finish up the bench seats)

Discovered some extra material in my craft closet to do some pillows I had found online and liked. Found the closest image I could of the moose online and printed it out. Then cut out the paper moose. I used that moose to trace one on to some clear contact paper. Cut out the trace on the contact, which gave me my stencil.

2013-02-23 15.36.33
Applied the contact paper to my material and used a sponge brush and paint to apply the moose.

2013-02-23 20.53.56

2013-02-23 20.56.45

2013-02-23 22.35.16

Now all I need is my pillow form to stuff inside. 🙂
My Inspiration:

And the last of my projects for the weekend was to repaint the camper door. (I am a painting fool!Love it!) The old door was a brown color and had a bunch of rust on the bottom half.

2013-02-17 12.08.21 2013-02-17 12.09.05

You can kinda see it down in the corner there ^.  We sanded as much as we could off, and then I got to work taping everything off and sprayed it down with a primer, to hopefully seal it in. Then applied a few coats of basic black paint.

IMG_5635 IMG_2442

2013-02-24 19.55.07

TADA! what do you think? All that hard work. oh, and while I’ve got you here, what color do you like the best on the wall next to the door. Even though our trailer in missing half its walls right now, I am already trying to figure out a color plan for the walls.

Until next time… 😉


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  1. Love the blog…you and Tony are very artistic..(sp)..looks like a fun project, you will have to make a trip to Battle Creek to camp….
    Dana (Floyd’s favorite cousin!)

    • Thanks dana. we like that this is something that we can do together. We cant wait to get our little trailer out on the road. We want to start visiting some nat’l parks (probably blog about that too). Will definetly make a trip out east, I have family in Indiana too. 🙂 I know tony will be excited to show off little “Floyd” as well. 🙂

  2. I like the color that is closest to the door. You are doing incredible things to it all. I hope you do a major before and after picture tour when you are all done. You have quite a talent.

    • thanks Deanna. I was thinking the same thing, in reguards to the color. Tony didnt want to hear that. lol . ( most of walls in our house are that color) I just love that shade. so versatile. Are you all still out in Utah? would love to make a trip out there with the trailer when all is done sometime. 🙂 oh…. “hi aunt carol ann and uncle sparky”. 😉

  3. Christa: It’s your Aunt Carol Ann! What an awesome project. We have one of these little trailers (circa 1970’s) and I’ve collected a lot of ideas from Pinterest to do exactly what you’re doing. Ours doesn’t need anything but a face-lift. You are inspiring me. Our colors are avocado green and gold. I’m so excited for you and will be following you. You go, girl (and Tony and the boys, too).

    • Hey aunt carol ann! That is awesome! Pinterest is so addicting. I would LOVE to see pics of your trailer when you get it done. 🙂 so far its been a fun and exciting project, but I can’t wait to get it out on the road. 😉

      • Family comment party! There are great places to camp in Utah. We do have five national parks. How can I find you on pinterest? What name and picture are you under?

      • LOL. there are some beautiful places in Utah that i would love to see. 🙂 i sent you an email on finding me on pinterest. let me know if you get it.

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