Progress on Our Little Trailer

2013-03-05 13.50.23

So, we did not get much time to work on the camper this weekend. The Handy Husband had his weekend warrior duties and between rain showers, did not leave much time. For the one day we did get to work on it, quite a bit got done. I finally took a picture of the trailer as it sits in our backyard. The picture I used in the other posts was from the previous owner. When Tony starts working more and more on the outside he will be wishing we had a big indoor garage, or at least a covered parking area. well…. what do you do? make do with what you got. 🙂

2013-03-05 15.06.55 2013-03-05 15.06.29

This is the back half of the trailer, where the couch was sitting. We found some more rotted wood, so Handy Husband took out what was bad and replaced with new. It’s not the prettiest to look at, but it sure is sturdy.

When we brought the trailer home, we noticed the signal lights were not working correctly, so this is also the time we tackle that problem, while we have the walls open to figure out the wiring and put in new  ( if need be).

2013-03-05 12.30.36

And yes, new wiring was needed…

2013-03-05 13.49.31   2013-03-05 13.51.26

Some old wiring was on the outside of the trailer and held with some type of putty “junk”. Wire got rerouted to inside the trailer, and surprisingly, no major electrical shocks to the Handy Husband(yet).

2013-03-05 12.03.15

This old felt pendant was one of the other cool and nifty things I found in the trailer. It will definitely go back in the trailer, hanging up somewhere for all to see. I will keep my eyes peeled to try to find a few more to go with it.

2013-02-26 16.49.20  2013-02-26 16.47.54

Ok, so here it is, the paper mache antlers. I finally used craft paint to keep the purple tissue paper from bleeding through and I cant wait to put them up in the trailer and see how they look.


We were up close to Seattle yesterday, and decided to stop by IKEA and grab a few things. I had a list….. so we could get in and get out.” You let me down IKEA, you let me down.”

The frame sizes I had written down were not the sizes they had in stock at the store. 😦 I really wanted to grab a few sheepskin rugs to throw on the back of the seats (yeah, they were out of those!), and we couldn’t find these little spice racks! ARRGH. Had to FINALLY ask for help, and customer service found the racks in a tiny little corner of the store( Thank You.). On the flip side, we found some pillow forms for next to nothing, that will fit my moose covers, and a nice comforter in the AS-IS for half off(woot woot). Also found a cool pillow ( I think) that has a geometric pattern (see below) that kind of reminded me of a native american design. Tony had differing ideas…. 😀 guess who will win that argument. 😉



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  1. I still think my design choice is better. Show the people mine side by side with yours and lets see what they think.

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