Garden Plans 2013

garden 2013

Just a quick overview of what the garden will look like this year. Some of the plants are already in the ground and growing. Some have yet to be planted. And some of my greens ( ie spinach and lettuce) will be pulled out and moved to another spot later in the summer. I still need to find some space for more herbs. They might just have to be planted in pots…… mint, definitely! thyme, sage, and chives I would like to have in the ground, if I can.

Over on the other side of the yard I have three blueberry bushes, which I need to figure out how to get them growing and producing more. They have kinda pooped out on me. 😦

Also, have the strawberry pallets around the back patio.


(peeking around the corner of the garden at the strawberries)

Am pretty excited to see the bounty this year (they are high enough now, that the boys can’t reach all of them as soon as they turn red).

Kinda wondering what to grow where I have the teepee set up…? ( head scratcher) and was thinking about doing sugar pie pumpkins on the split rail fence this year…. decisions, decisions. 🙂

garden overview 2 garden overview

If you over lap the last two pictures you can get the full view of my little garden. Excited for the growing season! yay!


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