Update: “Floyd” the Camper

2013-03-05 13.50.23

ok, so this is how the conversation went the other day…..

I went in the trailer to observe the progress made, when I noticed something. The wall that was still in the trailer is wood, and although it is painted white, you can still see the wood grain through the paint. The “wall” material the Handy Husband bought to replace the parts we had to rip out was something smooth, like a particle board material ( I don’t know what it’s really called)…..

“Um… Did you realise we have two different wall materials, and although its going to be painted, it is noticeable they are different. ”


This did not make Handy Husband happy, but he understood and knew what had to be done.

So we began ripping out pretty much ALL the walls. 😦 Blessing in disguise though, because then we could see if there were any more “trouble” spots and we could put in new insulation. It’s the pinks stuff used in houses, the original insulation was paper-thin. After reinsulating this little camper, it should be like a warm little sauna in there. 🙂

no walls    nowall5

Before                                                                                          After

nowall2      nowall4

Before                                                                    After


I am really itching to get in the trailer and get the molding up and start on some painting. If it means I get in and help get the insulation done, so the walls will go up faster, then I will do it! Check out my cute cowgirl boots! 😉

2013-03-10 22.32.24     2013-03-10 22.43.02

Remember the wallpapered cabinets with the white fence and flowers ALL over? Well, that had to go! So, the other night, I sat on the living room floor, turned on my tv shows and got to work on those cabinet doors. Come to find out, it was pretty easy ( for the most part) to get the wallpaper off. Just, boiled up some water and got my scrubby and rubber gloves out. Used the scrubby to moisten the paper with the boiling water and began peeling it away in large chunks. I have also heard if you use boiling water and fabric softener, that works well also for stubborn wallpaper.

After those were done, got to work painting the rest of the cabinet doors and putting the hardware back on. OOOOoooooo I am so excited to start putting things back IN the trailer, instead of taking things OUT. 🙂

2013-03-14 21.17.09    2013-03-14 21.19.59

2013-03-16 15.09.33-1

Found some frames at target the other day…. they were on sale and I had coupons for them. They came out to be .50 ea. A bargain right?! I want to put a few frames up in the trailer and change out pictures of us as we start visiting national parks, state parks, and camping trips. Don’t think I will keep them the bright green color though, not sure how well it will go with everything else in the trailer. We will just see, I guess. I thought about spraying them a darker green….. Thoughts?

flags  flags2 flags3

While, I am anxiously waiting to get in the trailer and start decorating, I am trying to find things to make and do. Started noticing on some of the vintage trailers, people would have these pendant banners hanging inside or outside of the trailer. Thought it was cute, had some left over quilting fabric. Decided to sew some up and hey, if in the end it just doesn’t work, oh well, it was just a quick, easy little project. 🙂

2013-03-16 17.23.42    2013-03-16 18.01.53   

I have my triangles cut and sewn right now, but need to get some rope like material to piece it all together. I’ll be sure to post the finished product when I am done. 😉

2013-03-16 16.10.06

So we just celebrated St Paddy’s day a few days ago, and the Handy Husband wore a cable knit sweater ( found at goodwill for a dollar! can you believe it!) out to a St Paddy’s day breakfast after work( he didn’t really want me to show this). After, the sweater served its purpose, I thought it would make a nice pillow for the camper, so I got right to work cutting it up.

2013-03-18 13.58.24

The sweater was pretty large and I wanted to get 2 pillows out of the front side, but it just wasn’t big enough for the size of pillows that I wanted, so I am making 2 pillows using the knit from the front of the sweater and the other from the back of the sweater. The pillow sizes when done will be 24 x 16. Oh, and the back of the pillows is just a plain cream cotton material that over laps ( kinda like some pillow cases)

2013-03-18 14.09.14 2013-03-18 14.23.44

what ya think of that ingenuity? 🙂


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