“Floyd ” the Camper

2013-03-05 13.50.23

Progress is slowly taking shape. Yay! We are at a point when things are starting to go BACK into the trailer, instead of taking things out. The tricky part now, is putting the walls back in. Why can’t our little Floyd be a prefect square? It would make it so much easier cutting the board for the walls. 🙂 oh well, such is life…. things that are worth it, never come easy.

2013-03-24 14.40.02

There were a few small sections around the door that had some rotten wood, so….. the Handy Husband had to take the door out, put new wood in the frame and put the door back on.

2013-03-24 14.40.24

While he was busy doing that and he gave me the “ok”, I started putting cabinet doors back in. I know it’s really, kinda hard to see but some painting got done as well. For those familiar with my house, it’s the brown gray color that covers a majority of my walls. For those not familiar with my house, the color is creamy mushroom from behr ultra. Go to Home Depot and find it. 😉 I will try to get some more pics to show the color better.

Things are looking up. 😀 Oh! If you can see the floor in the picture above, notice we don’t have a “floor” anymore either. HH ripped up the floor too.  It was an off white tile, reminisce of the old tile found in the elementary schools that have been around FOREVER.  So, after the walls are all in, time to go floor shopping. Still undecided on what type and style of floor we will go with….. ideas?

2013-03-28 16.49.01   2013-03-28 16.48.33

All the benches and bed/couch are currently being stored in the garage, so please excuse the mess. 🙂 A few had some well worn weight baring bars, so we replaced those and the dinette benches got new sides. The couch/bed as well, received a new facing on the bottom of the frame where there is a cabinet door for storage.

2013-03-21 15.30.46   2013-03-28 11.25.48  2013-03-28 19.38.45

Now, this little cabinet door is right above the kitchen sink, and from the looks of it, used to hold a speaker and radio? At least, that’s my guess…

We thought we would do something a little different with it, because the piece of wood we got to cover the odd holes in the front is a little different from the rest of the cabinets. We wanted to put our little campers name somewhere on the trailer and thought this would be a good spot.

I needed to come up with a design for the name, cause how silly would it be, to just have a name painted on a cabinet door? 😀 Since, we are going in the direction of a retro hunter/summer camp theme in the trailer, I thought what about a “stick” frame?

First, I drew up the stick frame the way I wanted it to look and when it was ready to be transferred to the cabinet door, I found some carbon paper and traced it onto  the door. If you look at the second picture above, you might be able to see the transfer of the carbon, its pretty light and hard to see in the picture. Once the frame was painted on, we decided on the font style we wanted, and I just printed out “Floyd” in the chosen font from Windows Word and repeated the process. 🙂

I am just SO excited things are starting to take shape!

Until next time, peace out girl scout. 😉


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  1. Did you know that’s the name of your great-grandpa? My Dad! They called him Monty but his given name was Floyd! How did you come up with that name?

    • OMG! that is too weird. 🙂 it was meant to be. i remember grandpa monty vaguely….
      we decided to name the trailer ” floyd” , because thats tony’s dads’ name, and both the trailer and tony’s dad were “born” the same year. they’re both 1960 models. 😉

      • That’s awesome! I love following your trailer renovation and pinning your wonderful pins! Glad we’re on board together.

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