Floyd the Camper: taking a break.

2013-03-05 13.50.23   Ok, progress has slowed a little, and I could say the weather has been nice, maybe, a little too nice… to get any work done. 🙂 We have gotten the overhead cabinets back in, and I started to give the ceiling a fresh coat of white paint. 2013-04-18 11.15.33  2013-04-18 11.16.38 And as you can see, some more curtains need to be made and an extra cabinet door hung.

2013-04-18 11.17.16

The real problem came, when we got to the door of the trailer. We took all the metal trim and the door itself out, to put in the rest of the walls and to replace some rotted wood in the frame. All was ready to put the door back on, and when we did, the trim would not line up….. needless to say, we had issues with Floyd, got frustrated and took a break. While the handy husband was taking a step back from the trailer for a bit, I started in on some of the trim work to hide the seams of wall that we put up.

2013-04-18 11.16.07 2013-05-19 17.01.50 2013-05-19 17.02.00

Then we went shopping, and found our flooring ( for when we get motived again to install).

2013-05-20 10.56.32 Tony made a stop by the local thrift store and found these little treasures to go in the trailer. I know, the tray is, what some might call, a little ugly, but, it will TOTALLY go with the theme and trailer when done. trust me. 😉

Then, the other day, the motivation came upon us! It was nice out, so I decided to try and tackle the door once more. Handy husband joined in shortly after.

IMG_0041   IMG_0038

We took EVERYTHING off to try and figure out why our door frame was not lining up. Long story short….. it was never really even to begin with and, well, we got it figured out. 🙂



After the door was fixed (to the best of our abilities), we tackled the back half of the trailer. There was a gap between the floor and the wall. Tony got to work and bolted it together.


Since he was on a roll, Tony got started on laying some floor. YAY! The floor is going in! Now I feel like we are  moving along…

IMG_0074   IMG_0075

2013-03-11 13.27.03

Saw this fan at an antique store. Thought it would make a great addition to Floyd. 🙂

Until next time. 🙂 happy trails.


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