Floyd the Camper: getting back to work

2013-03-05 13.50.23 Ok, so for about half of July, I soaked up some California sun 1200 miles away from my little camper.I missed it so much. The break was much enjoyed, but now I am back home and ready to get crack’n on the trailer again.


Now, I need some professional help out there in the cyber world…. I put up a few shelves in the trailer and think they should be painted. The problem lies in the color they should be painted, so I would like to know what you all think. 🙂 The first color is hunter green, which I am digging at the moment. The second is a gold/mustard yellow? The third is hard to see, but it’s just a dark brown. And last, is the same color that is on the cabinet doors in the kitchenette.Not sure the name of the last color…..coppery tan?

So which color should make the cut?


Had to show off my art project. 🙂 My paper mache antlers are now mounted in my trailer.



The handy husband installed the old propane lamp back into the trailer. I think its pretty cool looking, gives it that ole rustic charm. As you can see in the background, we have a few frames “stuck” to the wall. I saw  “stuck” because we used Velcro to attach them. Using the Velcro helps keeps holes out of my walls, which make me a happy camper. Get it? Happy. Camper.

…anyways, I thought it was funny.



Don’t think I have shown you yet, but the benches and table are in. YAY!



This is the way we chose to deal with the table-into-bed situation. Oh yes, there is a table to bed situation… We decided to use slats that reach across the bench and place the table top across the slats.


IMG_0620Because as you can see from the picture, the table top does not reach all the way across like it should. Eventually, we will build a better table top that fits better, but until that day…. this seems to work.



The bed all set up and ready to go. This will more than likely be the boys bed when we go camping. Hopefully here soon, work will move to the outside while the weather is in our favor.

until next time….happy camping. 🙂



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  1. Just followed you here from my blog and have to say… Floyd is adorable!!!! So, so cute!!! They’re such a pain, but so worth it (and so addictive), aren’t they??
    Oh, and my vote is for the yellow-y color!

    • Thank you, thank you. 🙂 I have wanted a little vintage camper to call my own for a LONG time and my wonderful husband bought this little guy last February. Working on Floyd has been fun and trying at times. Especially, when its your first one and you don’t know what the heck you are doing ! LOL. 🙂 I am super excited to get him out on the road. Oh, and thanks for the vote. 😉

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