Canning Crazy!

I have been trying to round up as much as I can from the garden and canning like its no one business. Below, is a list of everything I have canned so far. Let me know if any look interesting or you would like to try and I will dig through my recipes and post for you. 🙂
These are only one jar of each item I have canned. Imagine each one with multiples….. 🙂
The List( in no particular order):
cinnamon rhubarb jam
caramel apple jam
strawberries and cream jam
honey lavender peaches
sweet cherry jam
spiced apple butter
rhubarb-beer jam
carrot cake jam
butter spiced nectarines
black pepper-rosemary apples
spiced apple chutney
my way marinara
sweet Riesling radishes
sweet hot caramelized onions ( the only way Handy Husband likes his onions)
jellied cranberry sauce
apple butter
roasted garlic pizza sauce
dilly beans
lemon curd
blackberry honey thyme jam

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