In the Garden: Update

So while my garden did produce this year, it did not do as well as it has in years past. 😦


The  simple arbor at the garden gate is up with green beans growing up one side. I tried to get them to grow up the other side,  but left on a family vaca, and came back to only one or two seedlings that made it. The left side, as you can see, fared better.


Because my strawberries this year are new starts off of last years plants, I didn’t get much of a harvest this year from them. Hopefully, next summer will be better. ( finders crossed)

OH! and NEVER again will I grow pumpkins! I try every few years, and every time I decide to give them another try…. they poop out on me. Before I even get the first little pumpkin on the plant, mildew starts to form. If the pumpkin survives, it is small and not worth my time. Most of them just fall off, due to the mildew/disease. I’ll leave the pumpkin growing to the experts. 🙂


The eggplant in the back seems to be doing alright. First time growing and first time eating. It’s really hard to see, but the left garden bed is bare, except for a few potato plants. That’s cause I had to rip up all my kale and broccoli 😦 The aphids really took over this year, along with the cabbage worms ( I believe that’s what they are). Which, is funny ( but not really) because I planted a BUNCH of dill in between the two beds. Dill is supposed to attract ladybugs ( it DID last year)….. I counted two ladybugs this year. Where did they all go?

I have cabbage starts in where the broccoli was….. we’ll see how that goes….


On a better note, my raspberry starts are really doing well. I am even getting berries on them, which I didn’t expect to get the first year. YAY!



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  1. Don’t feel bad about the pumpkins. They are a nightmare to grow. You have to have just the right conditions. I live about 2 hours away from a town that is a huge pumpkin producer. Almost their entire crops failed this year due to too much rain. So, if that’s any indications, pumpkins will be expensive this year! 😦
    Your garden is gorgeous! I love it!

    • Thank you. 🙂 The only time I had any success with pumpkins, was the first year we moved into our house. The summer this year has been unusually dry up here in Washington, and yet, they STILL got the fungus. 😦 Not to mention my san marzano tomatoes getting some disease. 😥
      oh well, the adventures in gardening….. 🙂

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