Getting Thrifty for Halloween: decorations


Tis the season! It’s that time of year again….. the beginning of Fall, football, the change of foliage colors…. and, and HALLOWEEN!

I always LOVE to decorate for fall and Halloween, but being on a budget and still getting that “spooky” house can sometimes be tricky.

My three main staples for decorating the house for the season are candles, pumpkins, and cheesecloth. LOTS and lots of cheesecloth!

Cheesecloth is pretty cheap and adds instant “spookiness” 🙂 You can get cheesecloth at most grocery stores in the baking aisle. Don’t buy the stuff at the Halloween stores, they are over priced and you don’t get as much.

Candles are also a great way to add an eerie feeling when dressing your house for the occasion. The more candles the better. 😉 First, make a stop at your favorite thrift store ( Goodwill, St Vincent, Bargain World….) and load up on candle sticks of different shapes and sizes.




Then, on your way home, make a stop at the hardware store and grab a can of black spray paint. Well, when I say “grab” I do mean to pay for it first. 😉

Oh, and if you’re not a candle collector, like myself, you might want to make one more stop on the way home and pick up some candles of different size and shapes to go with your candle holders. If you are lucky enough to live close to an IKEA, I would recommend getting your candles there. Also, when picking out candles, stick to one color, I prefer white( goes with everything)



When you get home, spray paint those bad boys( candle holders) black!



Oh yeah, I almost forgot, as you can see ^. Don’t forget the cheesecloth!

I used the cheesecloth with my candles on the fireplace mantle, but chose to forgo with the candles on the table. It’s totally with what you feel like doing. 😉

Happy Halloween!




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