In the Garden: Fall Clean Up


Its Fall in the garden and time to the put the beds to bed for the season. I don’t normally mulch my planting beds in the fall, but the chicken coop needed to be cleaned out, so what the heck, might as well use one thing for two purposes. I don’t know what other urban chicken farmes use, but lately, we have been using straw to bed the hen-house and roosting boxes.

I ended up pulling out all the old straw and hen turds and threw them into the garden beds. My thought…straw will help keep weeds down and existing plants warm till next spring, while the girls’ little surprises add nutrients. Genius. I know.




Almost all cleaned out. 🙂


I still have some cabbage in the garden, so I just placed the straw around  the plants still above the soil. Notice the bitty rosemary at the bottom of the pic. I am really quite proud. I threw down some rosemary seeds last spring/summer and then realized I was supposed to start them indoors(oops)…. well, to my surprise a few of my seeds popped up! I really hope they make it through the winter. Pretty, pretty please! I have not had good luck with rosemary in the past….



Now, that I’ve got all the old stuff out, the new must go in…..



gardenIV And I’ve got my littlest helper with me, although, me thinks he thinks the coop could use a little deodorizer. 🙂



Alright, the fresh straw is down and ready for some eggs!

My hope is that, throughout the winter as I clean the coop, I’ll add more old straw and droppings to the rest of the beds, and by next spring I’ll have a most awesomest soil my plants every did see! ;D So…. we’ll see….






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