Trim Your Tree for Cheap : Felt Garland

photo (15)

Last Christmas , I posted a few ways to decorate your tree on a budget, and this year I came across another idea. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. So simple its genius! Lately, I have been on a felt ” kick”. Making anything and everything out of felt. The other day, I saw an ad in the newspaper and the decorated tree in the ad had a chain link garland made out of none other than FELT.

I made a bee line for my nearest craft store and stocked up on the color theme I wanted to do this year. Rounded up my crafting supplies and got to work.

What you’ll need:

Felt sheets  in your choice of colors.

note: we have a six-foot tree this year and I used 12 sheets of felt. To give you some idea of how much felt you need.

cutting mat and rotary blade

hot glue gun and glue sticks

What to do:

photo (12)

Using a cutting mat and rotary blade, cut felt sheets into strips. I was doing two sheets at a time cutting 1 inch strips from top to bottom. You should get twelve strips per sheet. Note: if you don’t have these tools, scissors and a ruler should work just fine too. 🙂

photo (13)

Once you have your pile of strips, whip out that glue gun and heat it up. When your gun is ready to go, start gluing links together to form a chain…..

photo (14)

…Keep gluing and gluing and gluing until you have used up all your felt strips. 🙂

Then drape it onto your holiday masterpiece.

I think the total cost for the chain garland was 3 or 4 bucks? Not to bad. I think, I might make another next year and change-up the color theme.

photo (15)

More DIY ornament ideas:



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