…And So Work On Floyd The Camper Resumes.



Oh Floyd, how I have missed you!



Its been awhile, but the weather is starting to warm up in our little corner of the world. Good Ole Washington!

Time to get back to working on Floyd and HOPEFULLY ( fingers crossed) get to take him some where….ANYWHERE this summer.

As you can see from the pic above, the back window could use some work. It came with a crack running from top to bottom and electrical tape was used over the winter to keep as much moisture out as possible. More on that in a minute.



While most of the of the inside is done, there is still is the matter of the backsplash……(sigh)This has been the GREAT DEBATE lately. Ok, so originally, we had wanted to do the quilted diamond pattern in copper for the kitchenette backsplash. When I ordered the sample I noticed a copper hammered look, liked it and thought, ” What the heck, we’ll see what that looks likes too.”

Both samples were ordered and came in. I feverishly ripped open the cardboard box and ran out to the trailer




Once out in the trailer, the Handy Hubby, who was totally on board with the diamond pattern, instantly loved the hammered look. And while I liked both, the diamond look, seemed cleaner looking to me…

Then I got to thinking, the hammered look might be easier to install ( no seams) Thus, my problem was born.

Alright, back to the windows….

camper6 camper7

Taking a break from backsplash…. I need time to mull it over, we turned our attentions to the two busted windows. On the first ” warm” day, we got to work pulling out the two windows with my youngest supervising. 🙂




camper9 camper10






Complete side note: I am still trying to figure where my little guy came from, cause when we bought him, he didn’t have many identifying marks. We found this logo of a fish on the front and back with the word “RAINBOW” underneath and something about California….. any vintage trailer buffs out there that want to take a stab at it, I would love any info. 🙂




Back to the task at hand…. While waiting on our windows, it got warm. It got REAL warm and the boys favorite hangout out was, you guessed it…. the trailer. We opened all the windows. Well, the ones we still had. The Handy Hubby kicked back on the pull out bed and took a siesta while the other two read books and played UNO under the table. My kinda way to spend a lazy afternoon. 🙂



SOOO….. The windows are back and look GREAT! A big THANK YOU to Meridian Glass in Puyallup WA for taking on the challenge. Now time to get these bad boys back in the trailer.

Until next time. ;0)


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  1. Floyd is looking so good! The windows are amazing. We only have one with a little crack, so I’ve got to get on it to get that one fixed. You’ve got me inspired!
    I would weigh in on the copper backsplash, but honestly… I can’t pick a favorite, either! They both have pros and cons. Maybe do eenie meenie miney moe?? 🙂

    • When in doubt, I think eenie meenie miney moe is the way to go! 🙂 thank you. I am really hoping to get more done on the outside, so his outsides match his insides. Hopefully the weather and our check book hold out. 😀

  2. I totally love the hammered one. It’s so pretty and has a great textured look to it. I hope you guys get to take it out for a spin this summer. It’s looking so great.

    • Thank you! I am REALLY hoping to get it out this summer. We are in the process now of taking the paint off the outside… There will be a post on that at a later date. 😉

    • thank you for the input Deann. I am STILL going back and forth between the two :/ . If its this hard to make a decision either choice should be the right choice, right??? 🙂 I hope we get it out this summer as well. ( fingers crossed)

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